10 Minute Email: 100% Free Ten Minute Emails For (2020)

10 Minute Email is definitely a good and secure, short-term emailing service. Therefore the 10 minute mail allows you to own a temporary personal email address which usually allow any person to send out an email to you.

Finally, the email messages that you have received and as well, the email address that was temporarily generated for you will both equally self destruct within ten minutes but if you want to use the generated email for longer period of time, you have the ability to request more time by asking for give me 10 minutes more which will reset the timer back to 10 minutes each time you click on it.

These days you are receiving tons of spam emails in your email inbox, hundreds of spam mails hit your inbox everyday and you don't even have the ability to stop them.

What could be the solution for such annoying spam emails?

Well, the perfect solution for this problem is 10 minute email service which is obviously a free email provider which will generate a temporary disposable email address for your personal use which will remain active for ten minutes but if you need more time you can request accordingly, this emailing service can save you from a lot of spam emails and also prevent your personal email from getting exposed.

Is 10 minute email safe for personal use?

Absolutely, the ten minute email services are safe and secure and you can use it for any purpose.

Is 10 min mail free to use?

Yes, all the 10 min mail service providers are giving you 100% free temporary disposable email addresses.

Can i use the ten minute mail on any website?

Yes, you can use the ten minute mail generated emails anywhere whether you are registering on any website to see the contents or you want to use it for any other purpose but keep in mind that if any of the 10 min mail service provider email is exposed then the target website may block registration for that domain but fortunately the domains used for 10 minute mailers are constantly changing.


The 10 minute mail is the perfect way to protect your personal and private email addresses from spammers.

These temporary email addresses can be used on any website for any purpose.

If you have any questions regarding the ten minute mail services then please comment your questions and suggestions in the comment box below and we will be more than happy to provide you with an answer.